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Hammonaset Beach  LbNA # 8506

Placed DateJun 1 2002
CountyNew Haven
LocationMadison, CT
Planted ByByron    
Found By birgdoggang
Last Found Mar 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Hammonaset Beach

This is a long walk so bring your bike or cheat a little! 5 miles

The first thing you want to do is stop at the campground office, to the right as you come through the gate, and pick up a trail map.
Do not confuse this with the campsite map. With the map in hand, if you are still with your car travel to the west bathhouse parking lot, if you are on your bike you can get there by traveling through the campground. Once you have arrived at the west parking lot head towards the beach until you come to the bike trail and head east, a left. Follow the bike path along the dunes and through the low shrubs .You will pass the old pavilion or the construction site of its replacement when that begins. Continue until reaching the trails end at the nature center at Meigs point. Go up the driveway past the nature center and proceed to the very far left of the parking lot kite flying field past the reeds until you see to your left a trail entrance, paved barely! This is the Willard Island trail and if you follow it along in any of three directions it will end at the wooden observation platform. There are informational signs all along the trail about different plants and such. Be wary of all the Poison Ivy, the park to keep people on the trail planted this! It works for me!
After viewing the marsh from the platform return to the nature center. From here you can go left to the very end and park your bike at Meigs point and take the walking trail around the rocks. This is a short trail and very scenic. Or you can return to the west parking lot where you began. I would have hidden the box at Willard Island but the Poison Ivy was so bad I just couldn’t do that to anybody! So now we head off towards the west on the bike trail from the west lot. This will lead out to some paved park roads follow them all the way to the west end of the fields then head north on the paved road passing the baseball field and then the good ship lollipop.
Head straight up the campground road until you reach the camp office. Go left into the visitor’s lot staying to your left "west"
Proceed through the lot and follow the path until coming to the main entrance road, careful of traffic! Cross the entrance road and proceed up the maintenance road, you are still on the official bike path. Continue until the paved road 90's to the right and the trail, straight ahead, turns to gravel. STOP here. Look to your left you will see three big pines. Go to the middle and biggest pine and walk behind it ten paces further into the woods is a smaller vine covered tree, a line of old fence posts point right at it, the letterbox is behind the vine covered tree. Stamp in and then return via the same route or head east up RT1a half mile for some seafood and ice cream!