Sad Sad Puppy  LbNA # 8512 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 4 2003
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationSan Luis Obispo, CA
Found By
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*This box has been reported missing as of 9/2004 but cannot be confirmed as I am no longer local to the area. If you are interested in adopting or maintaining this box please email me at*


So some of us members of “Googled” are anxiously awaiting the return of the creator of letterboxing here in our little area of California…Ash and I were out letterboxing, thinking of Ryan as we so often do, cursing him under our breath for his crazy antics…when suddenly we heard this whimpering sound…what was it? Well here let me tell you the whole story.

You see there was once this sweet little puppy that would wander around Grover Beach. You know the type, begs from everyone, wanders around wiggling that happy little puppy tail. Quite often you could find him near Sixteenth Street at a place that the puppies around here refer to as the Kingdom of Animals.

But here lately our once happy puppy had not been so happy. Ash and I heard the whimpering but there was nothing there…it was then that a voice spoke to us in cheap Berlitz Spanish and told us the sordid story.

You see our little puppy was hungry and lonely; he was carrying in his mouth his one and only and favorite treat. So outside this “Kingdom of Animals” there on the right there is a bunch of bushes that a sad, sad puppy might hide in. Right there under the window a sad, sad puppy could sit and look through the window at all the happy puppies playing together warm and fed inside.

But our puppy was not so happy anymore; he had been on one to many hunts looking for treats. What is our puppy's favorite treat? Letterboxes of course! But he had been out looking for Ryan Carpenter's letterboxes and he was too tired and too hungry and he could not climb all those mountains, no matter how easy Ryan said they were. So back to the window our starving, lonely and sad, sad puppy went. Distraught looking at the other puppies he dropped his treat and it rolled under the side of the building … and the sad, sad puppy could not reach it. Knowing he would never get another letterbox with people like Ryan Carpenter around, he stayed at that window until the starving little puppy was no more.

So there in Grover Beach right were our sad, sad puppy was, his spirit stays, waiting for others to bring him treats. What can you do to help the puppy? Stamp in quickly and build his strength… before Ryan gets back and does more damage. You know I think every box Ryan plants creates a sad, sad puppy somewhere else in the world.

Happy Hunting!
Team Chaos