Native Americian Bear  LbNA # 8514 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 31 2003
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationSan Luis Obispo, CA
Found By PenGwen
Last Found May 21 2003
Hike Distance?

*This box has been confirmed missing as of 9/2004 and probably will not be replaced as I am no longer local to the area. If you are interested in adopting or maintaining this box please email me at*


So while searching for Ryan's recent letterbox on a hot San Luis day with Sir Balthazar and Ash, I found the perfect place for a little Native American Bear that I was carrying around with me. Now of course the bear is a copy of the pendant I wear around my neck and a tribute to Iron`Bear of Portland. Anyways. I'm rambling.

So there we were and as I said it was a rather warm day. I was looking around for somewhere cool to rest for a moment. Well, I am drawn to water and found this nice little shady pond. Low and behold I had to smile when I looked up and saw a bear! I just love Bears. (For the obvious reason no doubt) - But I digress again.

Well the bear I saw made be a bit jealous so I went to get my own drink of water. After that I went to check on the Bear again. This time I stood behind it and watched for a bit. I noticed a girl at the foot of the Bear on his right side. I guess I just got a little nostalgic or something, I had to turn my head in the opposite direction. Directly behind me was a planter and what do you know? Some rocks! Well of course after a Kodak and sappy moment like this I just had to leave something behind. So I dug a little hole, took the rocks and covered it up, noting that when I looked up I was standing almost directly under a light. Wonder if that Bear likes the spotlight at night? I hope so.

Anyhow this simple little box might make for a good break from Ryan's most infuriating letterbox that is also located in San Luis. Of course when you go to get it, please be sure not to feed or disturb the Bear. I hear he might growl at you.

Happy Hunting!
Team Chaos