Potty Break  LbNA # 8515 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 5 2003
LocationGorda, CA
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Oct 5 2003
Hike Distance?

*This box has been reported missing as of 9/2004 but cannot be confirmed as I am no longer local to the area. If you are interested in adopting or maintaining this box please email me at hispandora@phlsystems.com*


Okay so one day pandora and Ash Raven decided to go letterboxing. pandora foolishly let Ash Raven read all the clues to determine where they were going to go. They decided to head out to San Simeon to get the letterboxes there. pandora was up for the drive; she had just gotten a new car and wanted to take it for a cruise.

They passed Amanda From Seattle's "Moonstone Castle Letterbox". They reach Amanda From Seattle's "Citizen Kane Letterbox" . "Well, this wasn't that far; let's go out farther and get Amanda From Seattle' s "Jade Cove" box and grab these on the way back," said pandora.

"The "Missing Map Letterbox?" Ash Raven asked.

"Yeah, that one," said pandora.

"Okay" Ash Raven said, failing to read ALL of the clues. "It can't be much farther," they both told each other several times.

"Monterey County!!" pandora exclaimed.

Ash Raven looks down at the clues again. "Oops!" was Ash Raven's reply.

"Well it is a really nice drive and I did want to try the car out," sighed pandora. They finally reached Gorda (which is about 3 miles south of Jade Cove and we are pretty sure there is only one place to stop in Gorda) and they need to go to the bathroom. Time for a potty break!

They met a really nice guy, who worked at the gas station there and who talked their ears off for a few minutes. Right in front of the bathroom was a water fountain. It is really not nice to put a water fountain in front of a bathroom; it just makes you have to go worse. But you know what? On the left side of that water fountain there was a letter boxer's dream come true: a pile of rocks. Hidden underneath some of those rocks and tucked just under the edge of the fountain pandora and Ash left a letterbox to commemorate their little adventure.

Happy Hunting!
Iron`Bear & Pandora