Rocky Slope  LbNA # 8522

Placed DateJun 3 2004
LocationDeSoto, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By Rather Be
Last Found Nov 21 2011
Hike Distance?

(7/2008: Sorry we're no longer to check or maintain our boxes. Check the latest status on LBNA prior to hunting it.)

Difficulty: Requires a 20-25 minute walk each way on an asphalt path. At the end you'll have to scale the side of a rocky hill.
Compass required: No

This box is hidden at beautiful Kill Creek Park, which is located at 11670 S Homestead Lane in Olathe, KS (although it's really closer to Desoto than to the rest of Olathe).

Park Hours:
Mar-Oct 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Nov-Feb 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

(Note: also check out the Fish Feeder Letterbox while you're here.)

Directions from I-435 or I-35:

- Just west of the I-435 and I-35 interchange, take Exit 1B onto K-10 towards Lawrence.

- Go about 10 miles and exit at Kill Creek Road

- Take Kill Creek Road south almost 3 miles until it dead-ends at 115th street

- Turn right (west) on 115th street and go about a half mile

- Turn left (south) on Homestead Lane

- The park is on your right toward the top of the hill (don稚 blink, you値l miss the turn)

Directions to box:

The tricky thing about this box is that you値l be walking quite a while (20-25 min each way) along an asphalt path with very few landmarks. The directions may be excessive, but I知 erring on the side of caution. You値l stay on the asphalt until the very end, so don稚 go off on any of walking/biking/equestrian paths along the way.

Start your hunt by parking at the Kill Creek Swimming Beach. Go right (West) on the sidewalk in front of the building. You値l quickly pass a scenic turnout and a bridge to a small island feel free to stop and enjoy.

As you continue, stay on path when it splits to the left. Then go to the top of the hill and the path divides again. Go left here, then immediately go back right.

The path goes down hill, and then hooks around left. When the path splits, go right. It will take you downhill into the woods. You値l have river and trees on your left and trees on your right.

The path will slice through a grove of trees, then into a field. There is a small fallen tree on your right that makes a cross.

After about a minute, you値l go back into the woods. There is a tall tree on your right that has no branches until the very top, and it is covered in vines.

You値l exit the woods into an open field on your right, trees on your left. As the path turns around a bend to the left, there is a mountain bike trail on your left. If you look down the path you値l see a white sign on the side of a tree.

(VERY IMPORTANT: If you reach the fork in the asphalt path, you've gone too far. Go back and look for the equestrian trail, or turn to your right (North) and walk across the grass field until you reach the dirt path. The rocky slope is right in front of you across the path.)

A little ways ahead, you will find a trail on your left mowed in the grass. There is an equestrian trail on your right with a sign that says 徹pen to (picture of horse). Enter the trail on the right.

From trail head to box:

- Walk 30 steps to the edge of the woods.
- Walk 20 steps to broken rock wall
- Walk 32 paces to a fork in the trail, turn left
- Walk 17 steps to a fallen tree across the path, climb over tree
- Walk 30 steps down the path, then stop
- Turn right and look up the rocky slope. Near the top is a rocky overhang (almost a tiny cave) with a dead tree standing right in the middle of the opening. Climb up the slope and stand beside that tree.
- The box is about 3 feet to your left hidden behind some rocks in the overhang (about 4 feet off the ground).
- Try to hide it back in the same spot under the rocks.