45th Parallel Minneapolis  LbNA # 853

OwnerMatt the Rat    
Placed DateApr 25 2003
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By Tracker JACS
Last Found Dec 13 2011
Hike Distance?

First, take the freeway south to the Equator exit. Take a left and then another left. From the Equator, start walking toward the North Pole. When you are exactly half-way there, you'll come to a place worth stopping, at a street intersection overlooking a golden valley with a park way off to your left.

Sitting on the boulder here, look back toward the Equator. Just 30 paces away to the southwest you'll see three tree trunks which come together right next to where the letterbox is hidden behind a rock.

As this is an urban location, please camouflage the box well when you are putting it back in its hiding place, so that it will remain completely hidden from passersby and curious neighbors.

Matt the Rat, Chicago