Rock of Racial Harmony  LbNA # 854

OwnerMatt the Rat    
Placed DateDec 26 2001
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By K Frog
Last Found Aug 9 2009
Hike Distance?

The Rock of Racial Harmony is an immense boulder in a meadow atop a cliff overlooking the Mississippi River south of 54th Street.

If you are a dog lover, bring your dog along when looking for this box, but please follow the rules of the dog park posted at the entrance! If you are not a dog lover, be warned that many people do not obey the rules and allow their dogs to run free in this area - so keep alert!

From the Rock, look for a gate opposite. Hop the fence or follow to the right to get to the other side of the gate. From the river overlook, follow a smaller path leading off through the weeds to the right which winds along the edge of the steep slope. Look for two small trees which lean out over the brink of the bluff where you'll find the letterbox hidden in a hollow underneath them, behind pieces of limestone.