Twisted Tree  LbNA # 8540 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 3 2004
LocationUvalde, TX
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Last EditedDec 22 2015

****Reported Missing*****
I have not been out to Uvalde to check on it.
****Reported Missing****

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy

The Twisted Tree letterbox is located in Memorial Park in Uvalde, Texas, on the Leona River.

To get to Uvalde, take US 90 west from San Antonio. This becomes Main Street when you get into town. Immediately after crossing the Leona River, turn left and drive through the stone pillars that mark the entrance to Memorial Park.

Memorial Park is an enjoyable little park with lots of trees, picnic tables, a playground and a fitness trail to your left. Further back you will find the municipal golf course and lighted tennis courts.

To find the Twisted Tree letterbox, park and locate paved the fitness trail. Follow this trail (stopping to do the exercises is optional!) to station # 6 (push ups). From this station walk 55 steps south on the trail. At this point, you will see a twisted tree just off the trail to your right. The microbox is hidden where the tree cleaves. There is a park bench further south on the trail if you wish to sit and stamp. Please replace the box and cover it well with pieces of bark.