Appalachian Trail  LbNA # 8558

OwnerLittle Pond    
Placed DateJun 7 2004
LocationKokadjo, ME
Found By Gingaroo
Last Found Aug 16 2008
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The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is a 2,170 mile long footpath that goes through 14 states linking Mt. Katadin, Maine to Springer Mtn., Georgia. Of those 2,170 miles, 267 miles of the A.T. lies in Maine. For A.T. hikers, dreams begin and end at Katadin, the northernmost point. Before reaching the summit of Katadin, Maine offers other vistas from various peaks, one of which is Whitecap Mountain with its rare arctic alpine plants. The Appalachian Trail is scenic, quiet and beckons people back to nature thus uniting people from many walks of life.


Go straight through the lights in Greenville, thus heading up the east side of Moosehead Lake. Go 18 miles and turn right when you see the sign for West Branch Pond Camps. This road can be very tricky to follow. You have to stay straight ahead past First West Branch Pond camps. You will then go by the 11 mile marker (M-11) on your right, which is just before Second West Branch Pond. There is just a small parking place at Second. At Second, you will cross a bridge. Continue to go straight until you cross another bridge approximately 1 mile down the road. You may be tempted to turn right before you reach the next bridge....DO NOT DO THIS!! You will then come to a Y in the road. Bear right here and in about 1.5 miles you will come upon a yellow gate. Park your vehicle and walk about a half mile to the Appalachian Trail crossing. There will be a sign post to your left. There is a rock behind the A.T. sign where the letterbox is hidden.