Sprung A Leak  LbNA # 8564

Placed DateMay 6 2004
LocationSouth Mills, NC
Planted ByCovert OPS    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Aug 20 2013
Hike Distance?

When I moved to this area with my wife and newborn child, we decided to stop at the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Center and Rest Area to learn about attractions in the area. It is located on Highway 17 just South of the Virginia border. Anyways we went into the Center to gather brochures and question the ladies behind the counter about local attractions. We sat my son on the counter and had ourselves a nice uninformative conversation. We were preparing to leave when we picked up my son and found a damp spot on the glass of the counter.

Now on to the stamp's location. Park in the Northwest corner of the parking lot in sight of the Dismal Swamp Nature Trail which is your eventual destination. It's a short trail (only about 1/4 mile) and the box is not even at the end of the trail. Caution: beware of snakes. Go along the trail past the Sassafras, Sweetgum, Pignut Hickory, Mulberry, Black Cherry, Virginia Red Cedar, and Red Maple. Finally after a short hike you will approach a mammoth Sycamore tree. The box is located on the Northeast corner at the base of the Sycamore under some pieces of wood. Please rehide carefully.

This stamp is in commemoration of one of our first public experiences of the joys of parenthood. Enjoy.