Sweetly Sang the Robin  LbNA # 8584

OwnerPost Mystress    
Placed DateJun 7 2004
Location????, CT
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Sep 12 2017
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: 8/10/10 Toolie Bird reports this box is still in fine condition and awaiting delivery to your log book!!

UPDATE: 9/1/07 box was damaged, log soaked, but the stamp survived! Thanks to Toolie Bird a new box and log with original stamp have been returned to this State Forest. Since the CT SF have changed their letterboxes from the Centennial series to the Seedling series the old clues didn't work. But more to the point this SF apparently no longer runs lines to catch the maple sap -- hence my "sweet" clue becomes mute. The clue below is written for the new location in SF #25.

UPDATE: 4/4/05 It has been almost a year so I am adding the County, but you will still have to 'think'.

In one of the CT State Forests where you may find the sweet song of the Robins and sweet smell of Mountain Laurel, you will find this Tag-Along-Mystery LetterBox. Make your way to the SF Seedling LetterBox, continue on trail until it merges with blue. Take blue straight. Continue downhill until you are standing between a large sawed tree. Take ten steps past tree and look to the right for a large maple tree. Behind this tree, under rocks is where this special package was delivered.

As always, bring your own ink (pad or pens: blk/red/yellow/brwn/grn/pink will do very nicely.)

This letterbox is about 5-7 minutes beyond the SF box.

Let me know if there is damage to the box or it vaporized.

Your PostMystress@yahoo.com, out to stamp the USA.