Horseshoe Park  LbNA # 8605 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2004
LocationBerkeley Marina, CA
Planted ByPetar    
Found By eph and sistera
Last Found Nov 24 2005
Hike Distance?

Go to the Berkeley Marina at the end of University Ave. off of Highway 80. Enjoy a treat at the snack shack on the way. They make great sandwiches. And get a coffee to keep you warm.

At the approach to the marina veer right and enter the parking area on the left. Berths F - I(Marina to the West).

Walk South and around to the Marina office on the South side. It overlooks the charter fishing fleet. Pick up a Latitude38 at the office and sit awhile on the bench facing South. See the structure; it's not for play.

Walk West along the path and sit on a bench. Enjoy the view of boats and water. Do this about 12 times. N dock is E. Sit facing West. Pace off about 50 strides to the tree ahead. Turn left to 10 o'clock, or there abouts, and walk 15 paces. There's a tree with a good hand. Turn to 3 or 4 o'clock. Duck through the arch (Now gone). Jog left, then right. Look down for the Pirate's mark that has taken root. Reach behind and under.

Go back East to the bench and turn left. Walk the end of the way to the Berkeley yacht club, and to the spit to see the boats tacking out or running in. Take a picture and send it along.

Our first box. Hope you enjoy the day. (Don't forget to bring a sweater!)

This book was full of beautiful stamps from all over the states, but has now gone missing. Thanks for all the great visits my kids and I have had seeing. Hope to replant soon.