Friendship Tree  LbNA # 8606

Placed DateJun 10 2004
LocationElizabeth City, NC
Planted ByCovert OPS    
Found By BBStacker
Last Found Jan 24 2010
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"Friendship is like a sheltering tree,"
-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

After two years, my wife and I are leaving Elizabeth City. This letterbox is to commemorate the friends that we are leaving behind as we go to our next home.

The letterbox is located at Exit 256 on Highway 17. Between the on-ramp and the Highway is a single solitary tree. A landmark, which won the battle against industrialization. The tree has a ring of stones around its base. On the Southwest side of the tree under a large stone is the letterbox you seek.

Enjoy the letterbox, and remember your friends in the shade of the tree.