Bell Mound  LbNA # 862

OwnerMatt the Rat    
Placed DateSep 2 2002
LocationBlack River Falls, WI
Found By harleypoohbear
Last Found Aug 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Bell Mound can be accessed from a rest area on northbound I-94 near Black River Falls. Climb the trail to the top of the Mound to enjoy an incredible view over the dense oak and pine forests below, and in the distance many strange rocky knobs and hills that were once islands in an ice-age sea. Climb the Mound at night to get a great view of the stars, since there are no houses or streetlights for many miles to mar your night vision.

From the bench at the summit of the Mound, continue farther along the path. Descend to a place where a large boulder features a natural "seat". Stay on the path a little farther to a cluster of small birch trees just to the right of the path. Now look to your left for a group of small oak trees.

The letterbox is hidden under a rock pile on the downhill side of the oak trees. When re-hiding the box, please be sure it is well hidden under the pile of rocks again (they have a tendency to roll down the hill when disturbed!)