Queen of the Night-missing  LbNA # 8696 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 17 2004
LocationBakersfield, CA
Found By PenGwen
Last Found Apr 2 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 29 2015

Myth of Ch'en: the Mayan moon goddess
Legend has it that at one time, the moon shined as brightly as the sun. In an attempt to dull the moon's glare, the deities hurled a rabbit into its face. The moral of the sroty is: if you thing someone is brighter than you, just throw a rabbit at them; that will take care of everything.

Best time to hunt for this box would be weekends of evenings if during the week. Parking is not free on week days, unless of course you park across the street at the bike trail parking lot.

Go to Cal State Bakersfield and enter the campus by way of Stockdale Highway. Once on campus, you will see the amphitheatre. Go to the stage and stand at the lip right where the line running down the center meets the steps. There at 90 deg you will see a lamp post. now walk towards it. Once you reach your destination you will find two rather large rocks, one with a plaque(make sure to take a moment and read the plaque). Behind these rocks are some smaller rocks. Under these you will fined what you seek. Enjoy!