The Mohegan park and Zoo letterbox  LbNA # 8698 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2004
CountyNew London
LocationNorwich, CT
Found By The Compass Cuties
Last Found May 25 2008
Hike Distance?

[Available for adoption. Contact Webmasters if interested. Log replaced by Team Duality but needs a bigger box. Reported Missing 28Aug10. --Choi, one of the LbNA Webmasters.]

Planted by Jason.

Rating: extremely kid friendly and short depending on how long you spend at the playgroungs. This is a vert public area so please be discreet and enjoy yourselves!

This is the Mohegan park and zoo letterbox. A section of this park used to house a small zoo but it was just large enough for you to make a day of it. It had a little of everthing ranging from white-tailed deer to bears and included a monkey house. My wife spent alot of years visiting this place with her family. Unfortantly, it closed it's doors in the mid 1990's due to funding concerns. She felt this area deserved a letterbox to remember all the old memories by. All in all, the city of Norwich has done a great job keeping the park open and beautiful! We hope you enjoy your stay at the park.

From rt.395, take rt.2 East to the end of the expessway in Norwich. At the intersection, go straight onto rt.169. At your first light, take a right onto Ox hill rd. Round the rotary to Wilderness rd, then right onto Mohegan rd. Park your vehicle in the parking lot on your left across the street from the swimming area.

From the parking area, make your way to the main road and cross carefully. Once on the other side, Make your way down the sidewalk towards the first of two playgrounds. Here you can lets the kids burn off some energy. Continue down the sidewalk until you see the long archway path leading into the park bearing at 292 degrees. Make your way down this path and observe all the beauty of the pond, flowers, ducks and geese.

After making your way through the archways, you will see a fountain, some of the old zoo buildings and the Mohegan people heritage sculpture. Take some time to explore this wonderful area. Now begining at the fountain, take a bearing of 30 degrees and follow this path up a slight incline. The old monkey house will be on your left (now containing restrooms if needed) and the spaulding pond walkway on your right. At the top of the hill will be the second playground. Again, let the kids burn off some energy.

Continue on the path up the stairs until you reach the end of the third set. Now take a bearing of 340 degrees and you will see a group of stones. Under the largest stone is the treasure you seek. PLEASE be discreet as this is a very public place. Stamp in and rehide well.

This park may not contain various zoo wildlife anymore but it does contain many other wonderful letterboxes. Maybe you might hear "lucy" barking in the distance or find youself invited to an "irish wedding" (our faverite) :).