4ft Under  LbNA # 8707 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2004
LocationRockford, IL
Found By Pastors Wife
Last Found Apr 25 2006
Hike Distance?

Clues to 4 ft. Under (6-18-04, our first placing~!)
Placed by Dumpster Diva and Lipstick Chick

Located in Arlington Memorial Cemetery at 6202 Charles St., Rockford, IL - Between Perryville Rd and Mulford Rd.
Coming from the south on I39, take the Harrison Ave exit. Go west to Perryville, turn right, go to first light which is Charles St. and turn left. The cemetery is about 1/2 mile west on your right. Coming from the north down I 90, follow same instructions taking the Harrison Ave. exit, etc.

At the cemetery, park by the gray maintenance building on right. Walk west on the right hand side of the double road with the creek down the middle. Looking right, don't worry about a "Flood" - just head west. Stop at the "Hart" of the village and rest on the thornless rose. Cross the double road where the creek ends and proceed west past 2 presidents names and a lone maple tree. Where the lanes become one, go north and slightly east toward the large black headstone. Look over it, to the left and walk across the road to see Jesus with the two little lambs.
Look east and find the 2 hearts "Kissick"ing. They are shy and have their backs to you. From our shy couple, move north to the road and turn left. You will see 3 benches and you know you are heading the right direction because it's "Summertime, and the livin' is easy". Rest on the 3rd bench. Facing north, notice the "Peacock" between the 2 tribes of Israel. Follow the road east, the food in Heaven will not be "Bland" and one is forever "Young" and "Young" and "Young". When you can't get any "Young"er, walk 25 paces east. Turn due south, walk 33 paces to "George Meyers". Salute Old Glory and continue past the Bride and Groom on your right. Turn and face east. ' It's elementary my, dear, "Watson!" '
Now move on toward the Granddaddy maple tree with its arms reaching to the Heavens where everyone has their backs to you. Proceed to the great, gray wall of "Mohns". Walk to the front and stand on Creation.....8 stones to Doris. Take the first 2 numbers of her date of birth and subtract the last digit of her date of death, turn around and find this section sign. Sail to the north past the "Vikings". If you sail too far you might get "Frisk"ed. Head east and make a right past the 2 large bushes. In any season you can find the "Turning" "Leaf". Continue east 6 paces to the angelic bench. Rest for a moment, gather your thoughts, walk 13 paces south to the 2 blue spruce trees. Say hi to "Minnie" on your right. In the clearing past the 2 spruce trees, move east. Thou shalt not "Lust"h. Head toward Old Glory waving 20 ft. high in the wind, well beyond the star of "John David".
There will be NO PARKING and no barking. Have a seat with "Jacques Pryor" where the irises are always in bloom. To the far left of the field stone wall are railroad tie tiers in the gardens edge. Walk up them to the (not so sturdy) wrought iron railing. Face left and behind the 2 tree stumps at your feet, you will find "Joe".
To return to your vehicle, go back to Old Glory and walk to your left up the road.