Bear With Me  LbNA # 8715

Placed DateJun 19 2004
LocationNew Berlin, TX
Found By txcachem
Last Found Mar 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Stamp and logbook replaced 1/6/07.

New Berlin is on Farm Road 775 between La Vernia and Seguin. Many of the early settlers of New Berlin were German immigrants who came to the area in the 1870s. They named their town New Berlin after Berlin, Germany, which claims a bear as its town symbol.

In New Berlin, find a little park;
And from your car please disembark.

Please take heed, make no mistake!
The community center, though real, is fake.

While kids can swing and climb and slide;
You’ll spot a fence on the park’s North side.

Not just one fence, really two;
Stealing pecans would be taboo.

On the ground, some rocks stand sentry;
To find the box is elementary.