Placed DateJun 19 2004
LocationCornwall, CT
Found By Painterly and 46R
Last Found Nov 28 2008
Hike Distance?

This little picnic/pull off area used to be known years ago as the “General Sedgewick Picnic Area” but there is no sign naming this place as such anymore and the only sign hanging is one from the Cornwall Cub Scouts thanking you for keeping the area clean. The pull-off/driveway used to be longer years ago and there were a few more picnic tables than the only one that remains now. Most times, no one is here and seeing how there’s only one picnic table, this can often be your own private picnic area!!


Coming from the Torrington-Goshen area, follow Route 4 west to Cornwall. You’ll come to an intersection with a flashing caution/stop light intersecting Route’s 4, 43, and 128. Take a right here and follow Route 43; you’ll be driving for 3.9 miles before coming to “General Sedgewick” which will be on the right side of the highway. Along the way you’ll pass Johnson Rd. on your right and the intersections of Hautboy Hill Road and Ford Hill Road further down the road. Shortly after Hautboy Hill Rd. you will notice large cannon on your left. This is the General John Sedgewick Memorial Cannon. Cornwall Hollow cemetery on your right. Immediately past this and after going over a small bridge, the park will appear on the right. If you’re coming from the North Canaan area, take Route 63 south and follow all the way till Route 43 south intersects on the right. Follow Route 43 for 1 mile and “General Sedgewick Picnic Area” will be on your left.

Once at the park, stand in back of the picnic table with the Hollenbeck River on your left. Taking a reading of 220 degrees, (straight down the grassy area) walk towards a three-fingered gray birch tree passing a huge stump on your right with a new sapling growing out of the middle of it. Keep walking till you approach a 2-fingered ash tree, slightly to your left, with a new baby pine growing in between on the river side as you walk. Behind this treefull trinity will be the box you’ve been searching for. A nice additional reward would be to bring a picnic lunch, listen to the river, and enjoy the peacefulness of it all. Very quiet and shady plus there’s a few nice spots to reach into the water and dangle your feet on a hot day.