Bass Harbor Vista  LbNA # 8733

Placed DateJun 20 2004
LocationTremont, ME
Found By Keltic Kara
Last Found Nov 7 2004
Hike Distance?

This box was alive and well as of August 2, 2004.

Once you have found Limur's "The Captain" box, continue on with these clues:

You've nearly reached your journey's end.
Head toward the Harbor around the bend.
In the same direction, continue along.
Explore with sharp eyes and you can't go wrong.
Just ahead on the left, a hidden path you should see,
A well-worn trail that winds through the trees.
Soon on the right, here's another path to take.
If you listen you'll hear the waves softly break.
Now climb to the top of the sea's rock wall.
Watch where you step ~ you don't want to fall!
Straight ahead 'cross the water Bass Harbor you'll spy.
Seagulls and heron may soar in the sky.
Continue to the right, your quest's nearly complete.
Climb up over the ledge ~ there's a squared granite seat,
With rocks and sticks and debris just behind,
Hidden 'neath these rocks Bass Harbor Vista you'll find.

Once you have stamped in you can either continue on in the same direction around the point or return the way you came.