Croc Rock at Rocks  LbNA # 8746 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 20 2004
LocationForest Hill, MD
Planted ByErik    
Found By Zinna
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?


Head north on Rocks Road toward Rocks State Park. Park in the parking area on the left, just North of the Deer Creek Rapids. On foot, follow the trail blaze that is majestic in color. Stay on the trail until you come to Captain Hook’s nemesis, patiently waiting for you to crawl in and clean his teeth. Stand in his mouth and then quickly exit going 9 paces to the safe area between the 2 bolts. Chart a course for 67º (heading for the Crocs tail). Use firm footing as you crawl down the bones from his upper torso until you reach his stomach. Oddly enough, it does not touch the ground. Look inside his stomach cavity, dodging the spiders that now call it home. Tattooed on his underbelly is the number of paces you'll need next. Start at the tree and head down the spine that number of paces. Within the last vertabrae upon which you stand, you will find that which you seek.
If you listen very closely, you might just hear the faint ticking of Capt Hook’s clock.

This is a rugged area to hike, be sure that you are firm footed at all times. Watch for loose rocks, moss, etc. Total time is approx. 1 hour of total hike time.