Royal Rump Rest  LbNA # 8752 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 21 2004
LocationForest Hill, MD
Planted ByErik    
Found By Erik
Last Found Apr 19 2009
Hike Distance?

ROYAL RUMP REST (a.k.a. The King and Queens Seat)

No use starting unless you have found the Croc Rock Box, for it is from there that your journey begins.
Continue on the blazed trail that brought you to the croc. At a higher altitude, you will come to a trail with a blaze that is pure as the driven snow. Follow that trail south until it intersects another trail. Add the digits in Jenny’s phone number (remember the early 80's pop song?) and head East for that many paces. Read the disclaimer.
Go East and on your right you should see the thrones of the king and queen. Climb up and have a seat in the king's throne (use the white side of the chess board to determine which is which). While sitting, look in the direction of 80 degrees for the rock just beyond the tree.
Climb down and head for that rock. Find where J.H. Gemmill carved his name and take note of the year. Subtract the 2-digit century from the 2-digit year and remember that number.
Carefully take a few hops to the south and find the spot where Buzzy carved his name. Buzzy must have been there with his gal pal. It wasn’t Jenny but her name started with a J.
From Buzzy's carving, chart a course for 285 degrees and follow it for the number of paces that Mr. Gemmill gave you. Just beyond the tree that was in Hurricane Isabel’s wake, you’ll find a rock with an overhang. Look around, you’ll find that which you seek.

This is a very popular spot, please be discreet when finding and replacing the box. Make sure it is well hidden by covering it with leaves. Take time to climb but BE CAREFUL!

Difficulty: 2 ½. Rough terrain and dangerous heights! If traveling with kids, keep them close. Total round trip approx. 1 ½ hours.