Drew Landmark  LbNA # 8762

OwnerMandy "Cameo"    
Placed DateJun 20 2004
LocationCircleville, OH
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Dec 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy, but there is a steep hill to go down. May be slick if wet.
Walking Time: Less than 5 minutes
Dedicated To: Baby Drew

The Drewster is now 6 years old!

NOTE: One finder made this suggestion, "You want to find the permanant shelter down nearest the monument farthest from the marina. I kept looking near the movable metal shelters." Hope that clarifies.

A.W. Marion State Park at Hargus Lake off of U.S. State Rd. 22.

From the marina, continue driving south, past several homes, until you get near the covered picnic area (not the picnic area near the marina!). Park as close to it as you can. Standing at the northeasternmost post of the picnic area, walk straight toward the lake. As you near the lake, there is a line of brush. You'll see a dirt path leading to the lake (stay in a straight line from the corner of the picnic table cover to the water). Follow this path down and then to the RIGHT. Just a few steps after you turn right, there will be a tree on your left with a bunch of large rocks at its base. X marks the spot! (Hint: you shouldn't have to dig deep; also, the rock is not too heavy to toss aside; we carved an x on the rock, but I don't know if it's still visible . . . )

P.S. There are playgrounds, geese, and fishing here. Enjoy! :)

I live in Oklahoma, so any updates, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. E-mail is cameoboxer@yahoo.com Thanks!