Haunted Moonville  LbNA # 8776 (ARCHIVED)

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateJun 19 2004
LocationZaleski, OH
Found By Safari Man
Last Found Jul 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Haunted Moonville

Moonville Cemetery
Zaleski State Forest
Vinton County, Ohio

Bring ink pad and pen.

Directions: Take OH 278 towards Lake Hope State Park. Look for Wheelabout Rd. on the opposite side of OH 278 from the lake. Follow Wheelabout Rd for a short distance to a fork. Take the left fork. (Shea Rd.) Follow Shea Rd. for a couple of miles till you make it to a steel truss bridge. After you cross the bridge, look for the old railroad crossing at the top of the rise. A few hundred feet past the railroad crossing look on the right for an old dirt road that goes up the hill. (If you’re not in a 4x4 you may want to walk this part)
Take the road to the old Moonville Cemetery.

Clues: Look for the grave of Wellington Coe of the 30th Ohio Infantry. From the grave take a compass reading of 14º and walk 9 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) to a large evergreen tree. Now take a reading of 344º and proceed 11 paces to a large 2 trunked tree. Careful of the briars. Look on the north side of the tree in the fork.