Stone Mountain  LbNA # 8818

Placed DateAug 11 2002
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By Scooters Mom
Last Found Oct 26 2014
Hike Distance?

The first box in the series was replaced August 6, 2009

Stone Mountain, GA Letterboxes (3)
Planted by The Jolly G-Man Fredericksburg, VA
***Adopted by Mark***Updated by StarSAELS***
Stone Mountain Park
Dekalb County, Stone Mountain, GA
Placed Sunday 11 August 2002
$10, one day entrance fee.
The walk-up trail is very strenuous, climbing 1200 feet. The Cherokee trail around the perimeter of the mountain is mostly flat.
I entered the SP from the West Gate after driving through the village of Stone Mountain. There is another gate and the road around the mountain has several parking lots. Turn left and park in the first lot on the left. It is called the Walking Trails lot.

Strength You'll need it! (The original box was snatched by a geocacher. The box, at long last, has been replanted in a new location nearby...)

After parking, look for the crosswalk near the entrance. Cross the roadway and go right on the sidewalk. About 100 yards, on your left is an access road. Follow it just across the Railroad track and look to your left for the Connector Trail. It is marked with orange blazes and granite posts with orange arrows. New trail signs have been placed at intersections.

Eventually, you will reach the end of the Connector at intersection with the Cherokee Trail (CT). It is marked with white blazes on the trees and granite posts with red arrows. Turn right. On the map you will see this trail leads over the end of the mountain and intersects with the Walk-Up Trail. This intersecting trail is marked with yellow and white lines on the rocks. The pine needle covered rock surface can be quite slippery so please be careful

You will soon intersect the Walk-Up Trail. Stop at the granite trail marker before you reach the Walk-Up Trailand do an about face. Back track down the trail 42 steps. Stop, sight 130° and take 11 steps. Under the rock, behind a rock.

This is a very busy place, so be extra-super careful and rehide better than you found it!

Eagle's Home
Proceed to the walk-up trail. Do just that, walk up. It really is an impressive chunk of rock. Take a minute when you get the top. Enjoy the view, get a drink of water and catch your breath. When you're ready to head back down the walking-up trail, look off to your left. From the top, on a clear day you will be able to see downtown Atlanta. You will also see a white chainlink fence keeping you from going off the edge. The fence roughly heads down the rock at 240°. Follow it down to where it goes into the trees and rocks. You will notice the fence changes height. Walk into the rocks, along the fence, stopping at the 6th post. Look back up the hill to the nearest power pole. A step or two in front of you, under a slab, protected by a rock, is Eagle's Home.

September 3, 2002. Was notified that there is a Geocache within 4 feet of my Letterbox. Please be considerate and rehide the cache if you find it by mistake.

Retrace your steps down the walk-up trail to the intersection of the red trail. Turn right, the way you came. Once you reach the Cherokee trail, go right. You are committing to a 4 mile hike, circumnavigating Stone Mountain so give yourself plenty of time. I hope you brought alone the clues to Ryan's Stone Mountain Park letterbox. It's along the way, and has one of the most breathtaking views of any letterbox I have found.

Once you find Stone Mountain Park, continue following the Cherokee trail clockwise, heading back to your car. You will soon come across the Purrrfect place for "Whiskers" to curl up. Step behind, sight 310° and take 15 steps. Tucked behind the Pine, underneath the rocks is Whiskers.

If you have time on your way back to the car you come across the Nature center. You might save some time using the Cherokee Trail over the end of the rock. I was in the dark and went to the road and used the sidewalk.

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The Jolly G-Man Fredericksburg, VA