Philbrick Trail Series  LbNA # 8844

Placed DateJun 24 2004
LocationSkowhegan, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Oct 10 2009
Hike Distance?

Philbrick Trail Series:

These boxes are placed on a series of trails that are near the Kennebec River. There are many steep climbs up and down. When parking your car, be sure not to block the entrance to the water plant.

Park on South Joyce Street at the dead end and walk towards the water pollution control plant. You will see a sign to the right for the trail. Go all around the chain fence and across a small wooden bridge. Take the trail uphill to the right. Trail levels off then bends around to the left. At the point of the curve there is a large fallen tree trunk. Look to the back of this trunk for box #1 – “The Buzz Around Town”.

Continue your journey straight up the hill until the “T” intersection where a house is visible in front of you. Go left. Pass one trail on the left. Take second left. There is a snowmobile sign on the tree at the beginning of this trail. Look slightly up on your left where this trail begins and you will see a large rock. Look behind this rock for box #2 – “Blowin’ in the Wind”. Be careful stamping up here as there is a house fairly close on the other side of the first trail.

Continue up this new trail. Up hill and then down again to a “T” intersection. Take a right following the blue blazes. Bear left at the next fork, still with the blazes. Follow to a little creek leading to the river. Go across the creek and up the embankment on the other side to get back to the path. Go left on the path, up a very steep hill. This eventually levels off and then there is a 4-way intersection. Go left and you will see another wooden bridge and a bench. Feels good to sit here, doesn’t it? While resting on this bench look to your left for a rather large fallen log. It is a little green with age. To the back and underneath is your final prize; box #3 – “Home Sweet Home”.

At this point you have two options. Go back down that steep hill and then go left instead of over the creek and you will be near the first wooden bridge.

Or, go back to the intersection at the bench and go straight across. There are again some blue blazes. At first fork take a right. Next fork bear left and follow down to another wooden bridge. This brings you to Joyce Street again. Turn right to get to the water plant.

These trails are used during all seasons for skiing, hiking, ATV’s, etc. Use caution around curves! These trails are easy to navigate, but not with a stroller.