Toast of Fort Funston  LbNA # 8850 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 14 2004
CountySan Francisco
LocationSan Francisco, CA
Found By Cellissimo
Last Found Aug 20 2005
Hike Distance?

Fort Funston State Park, Ca

A very Easy stroll, nice for the whole family or just you and your canine as the park is very active with all different shapes and sizes of pooches.

Headed south of San Francisco, following Skyline drive on the coast, park in the main lot for Fort Funston.
Start by finding the "Sunset Trail" in the corner of the lot looking out over the ocean. On a clear day your view can span from Pacifica to Marin county.
Anyway follow path until you reach the fork and slide on the pathway left to feel the sand between in between your toes. Now follow sunset trail around the corner as you pass under the "Battery Davis" concrete bunker to you reach the "T". Head Left on the roadway and enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance...
Follow down 1/2 way around the bend and take a seat of the first park bench, enjoy the sites for a moment as next you'll be headed off the roadway.
If you had the opportunity to sit get back up so you are now facing from where you came...take 6-7 paces back up the hill, turning left, gazing into the woods.. it is here that you will find the Toast of Fort Funston...proceed approx 27 paces into the brush.
You should be in front of a tree that has a branch which resembles a bench, take a seat on the branch (looking down the path you have just came up)
Look over to your right, finding 2 trees which are connected by a long branch from front tree to back tree.... At the base of the tree which sits behind, look towards its (SE) corner... there you will find a white rock which is gently disguised by some small branches.. and take a look under the rock to find out the story behind "A Toast to Fort Funston."

Enjoy and let us know what you thought.

Note: No ink pad included and be please be discrete when replacing, ensuring to cover the rock a bit with some brush so that the local partying teenagers don't stumble upon this box. :)