A' Camping We Will Go  LbNA # 8868

Placed DateJun 25 2004
LocationSwan Valley, ID
Found By Boxer Lover
Last Found Aug 7 2005
Hike Distance?

A' Camping We Will Go
Sadly, this box went missing.

Directions: On Highway 26, just west of where the highway crosses the Snake River, turn onto the Falls Creek turnoff. Travel about three miles to the Falls Campground.

Difficulty: Easy, not wheelchair or stroller accessible.

Clues: Turn into the campground and stop at the self-service pay station. Go to the picnic table behind the signs. From the concrete block for the fire grate, take 33 steps at 25 degrees. You should be at a fallen log. At the north side of the fallen log is a flat grey rock and some chunks of wood hiding the letterbox.

Unless you go camping, you won't have to pay to enter the campground. It was a pretty drive when we went up in the spring. If you go up in the fall, you could catch some great colors. The area might be closed in the winter. Be prepared for some mega-mosquitos.

Have fun!