Longing for the Beach  LbNA # 8869

OwnerCanada Goose    
Placed DateJun 20 2004
LocationLincoln City, OR
Found By Disney-Fan
Last Found Apr 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Was reported alive and well Jan 2006

This box was going to be placed in Stockton California on a work trip but I ran out of time. So when the Secret Gardners and I were on the coast we added the box to the Drift Creek Park Trail.

To the trailhead: (Parking pass required)
From hwy 18, pass Rose Lodge Store, turn south on Bear Creek Road, follow signs 9.5 miles to the trailhead. You will pass the Drift Creek covered bridge (built in 1914) along the way.
From hwy 101, just south of Lincoln City, turn east on Drift Creek Rd., follow signs 10 miles to trailhead.

After you have found Drift"wood" Creek Falls Letterbox continue back toward the parking lot and keep your eyes open for another spot to sit. Once you have found the spot contiue to walk along the trail. Past a curve with stumped giants on your right you will notice further along a log that runs parellel with the path and at points even becomes part of the path. From the end of the log count 11 steps approx.

On your left you will see a tree and a mass of a mess of "stuff" on your right. Climb up the hill but not too far. The first stump on your left holds the box at its base in a cut