Fantasy Forest Series  LbNA # 8871 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 25 2004
Location???, OR
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Some of the boxes had gone missing, so I had to collect the rest. Thanks to all those who took the time to find my boxes.

This trail is an easy trail though not wheelchair accessible.
It is a nice place to have lunch and let the kids play.

This is also my first attempt at placing LB so, please
let me know if the clues are too vague or need some revision.


Once upon a time in a land far, far, away there
was a strong, noble, and handsome knight, who was
in search of a princess, kept prisoner by a fierce
dragon, trapped in the dungeon of a hidden tower in
the forest.

The brave knight set out on his journey on a long
road that was numbered by two, the second three times
that of the first. A road that begins at the sea
and stretches far beyond the mountains, across native
lands, and into the desert, through many Kingdoms,
to the border of another land (far, far away, of course).

The knight headed East and came to a Kingdom that
was known throughout the land as the Gateway to a
large and beautiful mountain, he continued on the
road where he turned to the South at a statue of
a very strange looking, yet honorable knight.
He could also see the royal bakery just behind the
statue, with its red and white checkered flag painted
on its walls. The new road he was on immediately
forked and he stayed to the far left, for he could see
the gate to the kingdom at the bottom of the hill
and the grand castle to the East.

Upon entering the gate the knight dismounted his
horse and headed south, directly into the forest
on a soft bark path. At the first fork the trail
seemed to go in many different directions. The
knight first stayed to the right and then averting
danger kept to the left. The knight was always on
guard for he knew he would have to slay or out wit
the dragon, whose lair was hidden in the forest.
The knight continued along the trail, down and around,
and up again. There were many good hiding places
for a dragonís lair, but as he came up the trail
he could see the long spires of the dragonís lair
just ahead. He approached cautiously so as not to
alert the dragon he was there. At the base of the
lair facing the direction from whence he came was
a cave hidden behind the foliage, where the dragon
lay sleeping. The knight entered the cave and found
the markings of the fierce dragon.

The dragon suddenly awoke and flew out of the cave
and along the path. The knight ran after the dragon
through the forest. Trees and branches on every side
the dragon had fell as if they were toothpicks. Across
the stream and around the bend they went. Up the path
and ducking under a fallen tree the knight stopped
and shot three arrows straight ahead at the dragon, but
missed and hit a tree 15 steps infront of him. He
walked forward to the tree scarred by his arrows. He
tried to retrieve his arrows, but one was stuck and
the other two were too high to reach. He looked around.
He was standing in what looked to be a battlefield.
There was debris of wooden arrows everywhere and a
fallen giant to the right. To his left he heard the
rustle of leaves and branches. There was a small trail
beyond a few trees. The knight followed the trail
to a hollowed out bunker. Just across the way he could
see the dragonís lair. He decided to wait there to
see if the dragon would come out again. There was a
good place to hide down in front, where the dragon
would not see him.

After waiting for a bit, the knight decided it was
safe to continue his journey to find the princess.
He was not sure where he was, so he retraced his
steps back to the battlefield. He walked to the
end of the fallen giant that was closest to him.
With a trail to his left and one to his right he
was unsure of which to take. Looking around in the
distance he could see a tower, which overlooked the
kingdomís meeting place. The tower was scarred and
shredded by the dragonís claws with debris all around
the base. The knight took 18 stpes from the giant to
the tower. The knight called up to the princess. He
paused to listen and heard her reply, not from above,
but from below and to the left. Removing the debris
from the entrance to the towerís dungeon, the knight
was able to free the princess. The Princess was so
happy to be rescued by the strong, noble, and handsome
Knight. They would be married and live
happily ever after.

The Princess also had a small token of gratitude for
the first knight to come to her rescue.