Salado College  LbNA # 8880

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJun 26 2004
LocationSalado, TX
Found By Playful Otter
Last Found Sep 13 2014
Hike Distance?

Replaced log & box moved (08/23/08)
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 200 yards RT)
Status: alive

Located in Central Texas where the edge of the Hill Country meets the Blackland Prairie, Salado sits among rolling hills, woods, and creeks. It has been a favorite stopping point for travelers since the 1850s, but it was the founding of Salado College in 1860 that set the stage for both the town's growth and its character. Today, Salado remains a favorite stopping point for tourists with its unique shops, boutiques and art galleries, and you can still see the ruins of the college that started it all, along with this microbox dedicated to its memory.

The town of Salado is about 40 miles north of Austin via Hwy 35, exit 283 to Stagecoach Road, which becomes Main Street. Salado College ruins will be on the right as you enter town on College Hill Road. Turn right and park on the side of the road by the gateway.

Walk through the Salado College gateway, go up the steps and head south to the ruins, passing a stone bench on the left and a statue of Clack Robertson on the right. At the ruins you will see a water fountain in a rock to your right as you continue walking south to the back of the ruins. Turn left (east) and continue following the walls of the ruins on your left to the far southeast corner near a double-trunk oak tree. With your back against the corner, face south and walk 40 steps to a 3-trunk cedar tree. Look on the back side at its base under some rocks for the microbox. Please re-cover well. NOTE: It was reported that the cedar tree has been cut down, but the box is still there.