HTC - Heritage Trout Challenge  LbNA # 8900 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2004
Location???, CA
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HTC - Heritage Trout Challenge

This series of boxes will hopefully consist of eleven boxes. Each box will be placed as a celebration of catching one of the eleven California Heritage Trout in their home waters. The boxes will each be named after the flies that was successful in catching the trout. Then the box will be placed near the fishing hole and will have detailed directions to find the secret place if you too would like to catch the special trout. The trout are home to waters from Modoc county in the north to Kern county in the south and the Pacific coastal streams and rivers on the west. Check out the Heritage Trout Challenge at the California Department of Fish and Game website; click on "Heritage Trout Challenge". I hope you have fun finding the boxes and even more fun going after the fish...............