A Snail's Pace  LbNA # 8922

Placed DateJun 27 2004
LocationPleasant Ridge, ME
Found By On The Corner!
Last Found Aug 2 2015
Hike Distance?

Snail’s Pace Letterbox

This box is located at a beautiful stretch of the Wyman Lake in a picnic and boat access area.

Go up Route 16 towards Pleasant Ridge. Look for the public boat access and park in this lot. This is just after a curve in the road so be on the lookout. After parking, face the water and go left. Once you near the tree line you will see a trail. Follow this trail through the woods.

Continue on this trail for a short way until you reach a small creek heading for the river. Do not cross this creek, but turn and face back the way you came. Take 5 paces and then look to your right for a fallen log. Look behind the log and under some small rocks for this box.

Head back to the parking lot and enjoy some time taking life at a snail’s pace.