The Birthday Boxes: The Cake Box  LbNA # 8958 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 26 2004
LocationOak Park, CA
Planted ByDrew    
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Oct. 2008 - Sorry! This box washed away in the rains. We'll update this entry when we replace the box

Oak Canyon Community Park
From the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills, exit northbound on Kanan Road (away from the beach). Go 3 miles to Hollytree Drive and turn right.
There are three parking lots in the park, park in the second lot near the play equipment and picnic area.

Hello, early bird! Stand by the picnic tables, your first prey is nearby blushing and frightened between you and the parking lot (Is it blushing and frightened or just full of cherries and bananas?) Once you find him, walk the length of his bumpy back and stand on his head. Now put on your marine biologist hat to spot a little fun close by. Go there and sit backwards on your new friend’s back, hold its little blue tail and look for a place where dogs and humans can find relief of two different kinds. Once you have the scoop on this spot, get over there and dial 411, turn 90 degrees to your left and walk straight ahead. Don’t stop to park your bike, just walk forward and rise up to your take your place on stage. Stand between two fine, upstanding pillars of your community and sing to your adoring fans. Move in front of the right one, take your bows and walk straight ahead, up the steps and leave civilization for the more pastoral path. From this point you can see an old oak playing hide and seek in the middle of the smooth green fields. The box is somewhere in that rocky depression. Go to the tree and look back from whence you came. Look for a small group of rocks halfway between the tree and the concrete rim around the depression. The box is under one of these rocks. The spot is near a small bush.

Happy Birthday Cambria! And thanks to all the new letterboxers, Ben, Camille, Chieko, Gaby, James, Jasmine, Kelsy, Kim, Kylene, Max, Nick, Rachel, Rebecca!

Oct. 2008 - Sorry! This box washed away in the rains. We'll update this entry when we replace the box