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The Birthday Boxes: The Candle Box  LbNA # 8959 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 26 2004
LocationOak Park, CA
Planted ByDrew    
Found By
Last Found
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Oct. 2008 - Sorry! This box washed away in the rains. We'll update this entry when we replace the box

Oak Canyon Community Park
From the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills, exit northbound on Kanan Road (away from the beach). Go 3 miles to Hollytree Drive and turn right.
There are three parking lots in the park, park in the second lot near the play equipment and picnic area.

Stand by the picnic tables and look for a trio of tubes between you and the parking lot. Find them and travel through them away from the whale. Venture across the sands to pass under another crimson tube and find a close spot to quench your thirst. Turn to your left and follow the path that curves up and to the right. Youíll pass a quaint blue fence on your right side then discover wooden steps down to two brown benches and more fun in the sand. Donít play here too long, though, the box awaits! Rest a moment on one of the two brown benches and notice the trashcan to your right. Stand and walk towards it and into the trees. About 50 paces from where you were sitting is an old tree just perfect for a miniature bear to have a nice winterís nap inside. The letterbox is near this spot. Turn 180 degrees and you will see an old gnarled tree stump/fallen tree. Go there , look straight ahead and take the path less traveled. Just a few steps and look to your left and youíll see a drain pipe. The pipe points in the exact direction to the letter box. Look to the root of the problem to find the Cake Box! (Hint: You donít have to cross the creek.)

Happy Birthday Cambria! And thanks to all the new letterboxers, Ben, Camille, Chieko, Gaby, James, Jasmine, Kelsy, Kim, Kylene, Max, Nick, Rachel, Rebecca!

Oct. 2008 - Sorry! This box washed away in the rains. We'll update this entry when we replace the box