Sweden's Flag at Ronneby Waterfall  LbNA # 8964

Placed DateJun 14 2004
CountyOther International
LocationRonneby, INT
Found By ApanAnn
Last Found Jun 17 2015
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Ronneby, Blekinge Lan, Sweden

#2 The Flag at Ronneby waterfall.
Dedicated to sister Beverly who celebrated her birthday in Sweden.


From Kristianstad on E22 in Skane province drive northeast past Karlshamn to the city of Ronneby and ask directions to the park with the waterfall, Ronneby Brunnspark.

The park covers many acres, and has lots of attractive areas. When we were there huge tree like rhododendrons were blooming in bright pinks and purples near the cliff faced waterfall. The pond at the base of the falls had ducks and swans swimming in it.

Park in the interior of the big park as close as you can to the big cliff and artificial waterfall and find the intersections of Naturstig and Ostrautsikten. Then locate the Direktors-villan at this intersection. It will be near the waterfall and pond. Walk along the little lane behind the Victorian double turreted house and look along the back of the pond for the pump shed and very small dock. Now, look nearby for some stone steps going up hill. They are not obvious as they are grass covered. At the 4th stone step on the southeast side closest to a big tree, look under and behind a rock at the edge of the step for the cylinder. Please rehide the box well as it is an orphan.
A blue ink pad and a yellow ink pad would work best.