Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Eagles of Eagleville  LbNA # 8971

Placed DateJul 1 2004
LocationStorrs, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By zunibird
Last Found Jan 4 2016
Hike Distance?

Clues mildly updated 7/8/04

Driving directions: You will need to drive to the intersection of Rt. 32 & South Eagleville Rd. (Rt. 275) in… Eagleville!

You will need to park in the church parking lot at the SW corner of the intersection. Locate a stone building with a plaque dedicating the shelter to the soldiers of WWII. The building was erected by the Fire Dept. and the grateful community of Eagleville in 1947. Take note of the beautiful stonework utilizing local field stone.

Proceed into the structure. When inside you will need to find the west side of the south wall. A piece of loose mortar hides the Itty Bitty Eagle micro-box. You'll need your own stamp pad & pen, for the very delicate log book. Please be discrete at this busy intersection and please replace the mortar tightly.

Go back to your vehicle and back to the intersection, then go west young man (or woman). Shortly the road will take a southward turn with a quick westerly turn again. Don’t cross the bridge! You will need to look for a gravel parking area to the north—and take it. This box will take maybe 20 minutes round trip.

Once on foot, you will see a dazzling display of water cascading over the Eagleville Dam (don’t drink the water). After exploring the area go to the remains of a pea gravel path situated between two green iron gates. Proceed up to the rail road tracks and follow the tracks.

(Note: 7/8/04 This is an active railroad, though we don't know the schedule, the train runs about twice a day on the tracks, it isn't far to travel on the tracks, but care should be taken, no purple hearts!!)

On you go along the tracks, and off to your left you will see the wondrous Willimantic River looking serenely refreshing in the heat of the summer – mighty cold looking in the winter.

Continue on the tracks until you see a bridge crossing a small stream. Continue across the bridge heading northward. You will need to count 125 rail road ties starting with the first tie after the bridge. From where you now stand will be a faint trail to the west. To find your prize this trail you must take and 35 paces it will be. Watch for poison ivy along the trail. The poison ivy isn’t thick but it is present.

The trail will wind a bit following the edge of a small inlet of the river, almost appearing to be a bay. In the summer you can smell a faintly sweet fragrance from the flora. To the north you will see a great big shag bark hickory. Go to the south side of this tree and look about the trees base for a cavern. Here you will find the Great Big Eagle. Please re-hide well.

*Great Big Eagle was a first attempt at carving, so please be kind