THE MISSING KEY#1 Key Allegro  LbNA # 8979 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCeltic Lions        
Placed DateJun 27 2004
LocationRockport, TX
Found By artist
Last Found Jul 16 2013
Hike Distance?

PLACED BY: Ruby Tuesday,Flicker & StillWater



Can you believe it? We are missing one of our keys!!! I guess vacation is such a carefree time – we tend to be a little less organized with our belongings! We set out from Key Allegro to search for a letterbox in Goose Island State Park, and picked up a map on our way in. Being new to the whole letterboxing game, we apparently ended up at the exact opposite trail head /entrance to Turk’s Head trail!!! Not realizing our mistake, we paced 17 steps from the start of the trail, and spotted a huge tree on our left (approximately to the Southwest at 240 degrees).
Thrilled to think we might be locating the letterbox, we took 9 paces closer to the North side of the tree. Fighting the thorns and mosquitoes, we removed the loose bark in front and felt around in the hollowed trunk at about eye-level.
It must have been at that moment that we lost our first key!

Please email us at: if you find our MISSING KEY #1!

NOTE: Always take adequate precautions such as prodding with a stick or wearing gloves before reaching into dark crevasses and holes in trees!