Mountain Beach Microbox  LbNA # 8985

Placed DateJun 21 2004
LocationStanley (kind of), ID
Found By A-Bear (&J-Bear)
Last Found Aug 2 2005
Hike Distance?

This was the most fun I've ever had planting a box! Of course, I went on this trip for more than hiding a letterbox. It is midway through a river trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I made it a microbox because I don't anticipate it having much traffic. The box is very easy to find once you get there, but it is pretty much inaccessible without a long rafting trip or a very, very long hike (the Middle Fork float is about 100 miles long and roads don't go out there).

Stop at the Lower Grouse Creek campsite and take the the trail from the north bank of the beach (you can see it if you stand at the largest rock on the beach, assuming it isn't covered in water, and go 80 degrees. Pass the antique farm implements until you come to the cabin. Behind the cabin, go to the bank of the creek. There is a small hollow in the plants to the right when you are facing the creek. Don't go up to the top of the incline. It is the hollow created by the branches reaching over it. Stand looking into the hollow and you will find the microbox on the left side under rocks midway up the side.

The cabin site is a fun spot. It was built before 1910. A family raised their boys there and farmed some of the area. If you walk up above the cabin there is a small orchard overlooking it and a nice view of the river. The people that own the cabin leave it open for anyone to come in and explore. I believe some people even stay there. It's a really fun old cabin worth exploring. They leave note paper for visitors to write their thoughts. I stamped in for them. Let me know if you make it to this fun spot and enjoy the Middle Fork!