Patriotic Pug  LbNA # 90

Placed DateJan 2 2003
LocationHarker Heights, TX
Planted ByThe Pug Lovers    
Found By Belton Girls
Last Found Jul 26 2006
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Patriotic Pug

Patriotic Pug Letterbox
Dana Peak Park
Harker Heights, TX
Bell County
Placed: January 1, 2003
Placed by: The Pug Lovers

Difficulty: Easy (but Long)
Time: 1 hour

Dana Peak Park is located in Harker Heights, TX. To get to the start point
from I-35, take US 190 West and exit FM 2410 East. (There are two exits to
FM 2410, take the one in Harker Heights, and not the one to Stillhouse Park)
Continue East for 3.5 miles and turn right onto Commanche Gap (Follow the
sign to "Dana Peak"). Continue 2.5 miles, while you pass the "Goats for
Sale," and park at the bend in the road with the gate leading to a large
path. This is the start point.
Pass the gate and walk up the hill and then down the hill towards Stillhouse
Hollow Lake. You will pass a trail crossing, continue straight at 80
degrees, towards the hills across the water. When you are walking on
lake-level, you will come to a dead end with a choice to go left or right.
Go left (Follow the trail at 10 degrees). The next trail marker you see
will have a faint painting of a "Turtle T-2" on it, follow it straight.
This will lead you around the water. At the next trail marker, go straight.
You will then come to a "Turtle T-2" trail marker, follow path to the left.
Continue following this path straight until you reach the lake's edge.
Along your journey you will pass a bike repair box as a path comes in from
the right---continue straight and do not take this path to the right. Once
you reach the lake's edge, admire the view, take a dip (weather permitting)
and let your dog get a drink. Then, turn around and stand with your back
towards the lake. At a direction of 220 degrees go 20 paces (1 footfall = 1
pace) to a dead tree. From that tree, at a direction of 310 degrees, go 55
paces. You will come upon a large dead branch marking the intersection of
two paths (the one you came in on and one veering off to the left, if you
are facing the lake). You will find the Patriotic Pug Letterbox under rocks
at the base of the dead branch. Thanks for visiting the Patriotic Pug

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