Elburn F. P.  LbNA # 9008 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2004
LocationElburn, IL
Found By RaqsEnigma
Last Found May 28 2006
Hike Distance?

From the main road, look for a red letterbox of another sort.

Drive past a breezy "Stone House".

Park before the loop with a beauty of a lone pine tree.

Walk the gravel rut and play jump rope with the chain.

Hike past a naked finger on the left pointing to the sky.

At the top of the climb, choose the "right" path.

Make another right when the path makes a "Y".

Now, on the side that's not right, notice two "Y" trees near one with a "V".

Look around this tree as "V" is for "VICTORY"!!!!

When placing this box, I heard a Pheasant and saw a Racoon and an Indigo Bunting.