Breadloaf Mountain Box  LbNA # 9028

Placed DateJul 4 2004
LocationSharon, CT
Planted ByRush Gatherer    
Found By DevilinDog
Last Found Sep 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 16 2015

Placed by Rush Gatherer, Powwow Dancer, J.P.H., "One of the Pisters", and Dog Boy, AKA George H. on a beautiful Fourth of July day! This is the very first box placed in Sharon, CT, where our family has lived and walked these trails for generations.

Note: This is a strenuous climb, bring something to drink, perhaps stop at Baird’s general store across Cornwall Bridge for some trail refreshments. The hike up takes about 45 minutes, the hike back down retracing your steps takes about 20 minutes.

(Clues edited/degress corrected 7/7/04).

Start your quest for the Breadloaf box on the west bank of the Housatonic river at the intersection of Route 4 and Route 7 in the town of Sharon, CT. Route 7 goes right and Route 4 goes straight up Sharon Mountain, a steep hill. Heading West, follow Route 7 to the right. Go slowly because about 50 feet after 7 and 4 split off from each other, you’ll see a small dirt parking lot for Breadloaf Mountain on the left. Directly across the street is a greenhouse/nursery. Park in the parking area and the trailhead will be clearly visible at 300*.

As you ascend Breadloaf, note the interesting foundation remains at a tiny streambed crossing. Cross the streambed and continue hiking up the trail, following the blue blazes. Cross over an old stone wall, and the climb becomes steep and a bit rockier. Pace yourself and enjoy the large boulders to rest yourself ocassionally! Cross another stone wall, whoooooooooo! This view better be good!

The trail will dip and curve a bit, and you’ll start to leave the deep pines for a lighter hardwood forest covering. Keep directly on the trail and you’ll begin to see more mountain laurel and craggy trees, indicating you’re close to the summit. In August these blueberry bushes will offer a tasty trail snack!

Pass the U.S. (AT) Boundary sign blazed yellow and continue straight to the summit, the perfect place for a picnic lunch. Stand at the small sign that says “View 0.1 Mile”. Take a bearing of 280* and walk 10 paces (count one foot only) into the opening of a small trail. Take a bearing of 230* and five paces will bring you to the Breadloaf Box under a small rock overhang.