Here Kitty, Kitty  LbNA # 9031

OwnerCamp Fire Lady    
Placed DateJul 1 2004
LocationPleasant Valley, WA
Found By Furpey Pal
Last Found Jun 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Clues: Easy
Trail: Relatively Flat
Find Time: 40 minutes

Cat's Meow has lost her kitten! She has posted signs all over town asking people to keep a look out for her precious little kitty who has wandered away from home. A kind person has called to say that they have spotted her kitty at Pleasant Valley Park off of NE 47th Ave. in Clark County, Washington. This is where her little kitty was spotted:

*Confirmed missing on 3/23/06*
Box #1
The kitty wandered into the entrance to the park from NE 47th Ave. and walked down the trail to the left. She walked past the row of houses and stopped at the wooden sign and pondered which way to go next. After seeing a gravel trail to the right she headed that way down, down until she found a nice shady place to rest a bit. Oh no, some humans are coming! She ran down the short trail behind where she was resting and hid in the multi-trunked tree to the left. At it's base is where she might be hiding.

*Alive and well as of 3/23/06*
Box #2
After the kitty could no longer hear the humans she poked her head out of her hiding place and headed down the trail. She came to a metal gate and hearing the traffic noise off to the left she headed in the opposite direction. She crossed over a small wooden boardwalk where she spied a small Garter Snake in the bushes. She took a swipe at it but it slithered away not wanting to play with her. She continued past the swamp and found a four trunked tree with a small bird in it. Being a curious little kitty she stopped for a while to watch the bird until the mother bird came and shooed her away.
Note: Very close by is a geocache so please hide well. There is also stinging nettle in this area.

*Alive and well as of 3/23/06*
Box #3
Continuing on past the old farm equipment and staying on the upper trail. The kitty felt like she had seen this spot before. Was this shady place in her dreams or was it real? She couldn't remember nor did she care much being a curious little kitty and all so she just kept going up the hill. Hearing the sound of children in the distance the kitty thought it best to cut across the grass field and stay really close to the edge near the trees and bushes. She soon came to a dirt trail and followed it until it began to curve to the right. Oh no! Here come some boys! Where to hide?! Quick, the kitty ran down that narrow trail to the left. She stepped over a pipe and headed right along the top of the slope. She searched out a cozy little spot under the roots of a leaning snag and that is where you should find her all curled up in a ball and fast asleep.