Art Deco Letterboxes  LbNA # 9035

Placed DateJul 4 2004
LocationFairfield, CT
Planted ByMaryAnn & Scott    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Aug 16 2015
Hike Distance?

Time: 30-45 Minutes
Location: Mountain Laurel Park

From I-95: Take exit 21, Mill Plain Road. (North, go left off exit; South, go right off exit). Follow this road through several stop signs. At the intersection of Brookside Drive Mill Plain Road will become Burr Street. Go right onto Brookside Drive. Go left at the second intersection, Mountain Laurel Road. Follow this road around the bend until you reach Mountain Laurel Park on the left. There is a pull off large enough for a few cars.

From Rt. 15: Take exit 44, Rt. 58. (North, go left off exit and right at next traffic light. South, go left off exit and left again at next traffic light.) Continue on Rt. 58 to the second traffic light, Samp Mortar Road. Follow Samp Mortar Road to the stop sign. Continue straight. The road becomes Brookside Drive. Go to the next stop sign and turn onto Mountain Laurel Road. See above.


From the entrance, follow the yellow trail at a bearing of 300 degrees. Follow the wooden foot bridge. Pass through a stone wall. Go up a stone staircase. Pass through another stone wall. Cross over a third stone wall and you will see a stone pathway. You will find Art Deco Letterbox #1 in the stone wall facing the rock path on the South side of the wall. Continue along the trail across the rock pathway. Cross over a creek and pass by the orange trail. The Yellow trail continues to the left. The yellow trail then makes a U-turn up the hill. Pass through the forest of mountain laurels. After a while, some large rocks cross the trail. Pass a large blue birdhouse on the left. Go to the fallen tree with a yellow blaze. Go 35 paces (1 pace = 1 step) to the intersection of the yellow trail and an unmarked trail. Follow the unmarked trail to the right for 25 paces. Art Deco Letterbox #2 is in the ledge on your left side. Return to the intersection of the yellow trail and the umarked trail. Continue along the yellow trail down the steps to the entrance.

**NOTE: Letterbox #2 has been confirmed missing.