Bye Bye Kitty  LbNA # 9042 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2004
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Planted ByQ    
Found By Lundy and Vickster
Last Found Apr 1 2006
Hike Distance?

Status: Pulled for maintenance

This box has been placed in honor of my cat, Vashkitty, who passed away on June 27, 2004. She was a great cat who will be sorely missed. Her favorite thing was this fuzzy Hello Kitty blanket I had, and if you were relaxing under it, it was a good bet she was in your lap. Hence, the theme of this box and stamp.

The box is in Bronson Canyon, about five minutes round trip from the entrance of the park. The Data Recovery Mission series is in this canyon also, as well as the To the Batcave! boxes, so you could do them all. The Bye Bye Kitty letterbox is before #1 in the Data Recovery Mission series.

To get to Bronson Canyon, exit the 101 freeway at Hollywood and head west for one block to Bronson. Turn right (north) on Bronson and follow it to Canyon Dr. Turn left onto Canyon and follow this all the way into the gates of Bronson, all the way to a small parking lot on the left just before a gate blocks your path. Enter that gate on foot. On your left you will see a small building surrounded with chain-link fence. Just past that on the right of the trail, and just before another gate, you will see a small fork in the trail down into the dry creek bed (*in the rainy season, this is a gushing creek, but you still should be able to get across it*), which you can cross to enter a small clearing in which the trees make a nice canopy. Directly across this dry creekbed, on what would be the opposite bank, you see some rocks. Use your imagination, and find the rock that has a second rock right above it that gives it one cat ear. Look under the chin of this rock for the Bye Bye Kitty letterbox. Please be sure to rehide well as this is a high traffic area.