Viking Victories  LbNA # 9059 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2004
LocationNewport, OR
Found By Camp Fire Lady
Last Found Aug 12 2006
Hike Distance?

Last reported:
Hitchhiker friendly? Yes
Child friendly? Yes, VERY
Wheelchair friendly? No
Time: Depends on how long you play on the beach, 20 minutes for the box itself

The Vikings discovered America long before Columbus ever got lost on his famous journey, but they never got the fame that old Chris did. Well, they're back to rape, pillage, and plunder to get a little of what they consider their due. To find them and get a bit of their plunder find the Yaquina Bay State Park.

Read the sign, follow the trail down. When it switches back, don't. Pass under the giant Condor's nest. (It's not really, just looks like one) and push on through to the dunes. Follow the waters edge until you see a cave above you, that's a Viking cave, no really it is! At the base of the cliff there's an evergreen tree, right next to it's trunk is a large piece of sandstone that fell off of the cliff. Under that rock is the Viking's treasure!

I'm several hours away from this box and would appreciate updates on its condition!

Thanks and happy hunting.