No Use  LbNA # 9067

Placed DateJul 5 2004
LocationGrand Junction, CO
Last Found May 27 2013
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Here in The West we are fortunate to have lush valleys, fertile soil, and, in some places, abundant water. But we are also fortunate to have vast tracts of land that are either too dry, too rocky, or too steep to do anything with. And many of us who live here, some call us weeds and some call us wildflowers, have learned to appreciate these marginal areas. Although we do well spending much of our time in cultivation, we need a good dose of wasteland to really thrive.

This letterbox is in such an area and is a tribute to places not scenic enough to be "Parks", but preserved mostly because they are too much of a pain to develop. I suppose you could graze cattle there but it would be a heck of a place to lose a cow. It is a valley filled with boulders and I love it.

Head south from Whitewater on highway 141 crossing the Gunnison River and winding up East Creek. 4.8 miles from highway 50 there is a gravel pullout on the right. It is a semicircle pullout with both an entrance and an exit. Park by two flat topped boulders about 5-6 feet tall. Look east at 92 degrees across the road and a little up the hill. There is a huge boulder with the letters MDG painted on the lower left corner. Be careful of loose rocks and steep dirt as you scramble up to the easternmost uphill side of this boulder. The letterbox is touching the boulder, on the ground, with flat rocks covering it.