Noah's Stampede 1  LbNA # 9073

OwnerBuckeye Stampede    
Placed DateMar 18 2006
LocationLiberty Township, OH
Found By Beangirl
Last Found Sep 22 2012
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Noah’s Ark Letterbox Series
(originally placed 6/30/04, refurbished 3/26/07, current status questionable)

This is our first attempt at hiding letter boxes. We have had a lot of fun finding others so we decided to return the favor. All of the boxes are wrapped in camouflage duct tape. Watch for more in other areas of Butler County, Ohio soon.

The first part of this series was placed in the Wetlands Park in Liberty Township (6906 VanGorden Rd.), Butler County Ohio (just north of Cincinnati) on June 30, 2004. Bring a compass, inkpad, and pen.

Directions to park: Interstate 75 to exit 24, Butler Regional Highway west. Get off at the second exit, State Route 747 and turn left (south). Go to the second traffic light and turn left (east) on Hamilton-Mason Road. Turn left (north) on VanGorden Road and then turn right into the park (if you go over the big bridge before the playground you’ve gone too far). Park all of the way back toward the cannon to start your adventure.

1- Lion Around (Brand new - 3/18/06) Facing the rock, head 80 °down the path 63 paces to a path that goes out at 180°. Walk 51 paces on this mulch trail then head east toward a tree 3 paces east. The box is in the clump of roots at the bottom of the tree. (no log)

2- Just Ducky -Find your way back to the paved path and head east. At a clearing before the pond, you’ll head south on a mulch trail. At a path 220° off to your right you’ll see a bench. At the north end of the bench, look due north for a medium-sized, double-trunk tree and there you will find stamp number two!

3-Trunks - Now head back toward the lake and take the path at 130° then take the low road at the “Y.” 40 paces down this mulch trail will land you at a grass trail at 170°. Take this path straight to the fence then look 100° toward the twin towers where elephants have climbed up 4 feet to hide in a “V”.

4 –Gatorade- Return to the mulch trail and head east for quite a ways until you come to a bench on the south side of the trail. From the east side of this bench, continue east on the path for 36 paces where you will come to a tree very close to the path on the west. Take 2 more steps and then head three paces off of the trail at 240° you will find what you’re looking for hidden in the clump of small branches at the bottom of a tree. (no log)

5- Dove -This is a micro box with no log. Continue north on the trail and go east at the “Y”. This one is little farther walk. You will pass two benches then come to a labeled Black Locust tree to find your stamp in this area.

Continue north on this trail and when you reach the paved trail turn left (west) to return to the parking lot.

6- Jumper- As you come up the paved path to walk onto the drive, stop at the oval park passport punch. Turn north and go 8 paces past the picnic table. Turn right and go 3 more paces. Two paces in on your right will be two trees; one you cannot hunt under, but in the other you will find what you're looking for. Let us know if you found all six!

The Buckeye Stampede