Holy Canoli, Batman!  LbNA # 9099

Placed DateJul 7 2004
Location???, CA
Planted ByMimulus    
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 20 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox hunt is for my son's favorite superhero!

The Batmobile was actually a customized:
a) Plymouth Roadrunner - Start at Murphy’s Pub just east of Sonoma’s Town Square.
b) Chevrolet Corvette - Start at Deaf Dog Coffee in Downtown Petaluma.
c) Lincoln Futura - Start at Screaming Mimi’s Ice Cream in downtown Sebastopol.
d) Mercury Marauder - Start at the Downtown Bakery and Creamery in Healdsburg.

Which actress has not played Catwoman?
a) Lee Merriweather -Walk south until you reach Western.
b) Yvonne Craig - Walk west until you come to Main street and cross the street continuing west.
c) Julie Newmar - Walk east down the alleyway, thru the parking lotand out to the next block.
d) Eartha Kitt - Walk north past the movie theatre.

The Penguin was played by:
a) Cesar Romero - Keep going north, you will pass several bookstores.
b) Frank Gorshin- Keep going south till you see the park.
c) Adam West - Turn east at the corner and head for the fire station.
d) Burgess Meredith - Keep going west, you will pass the library on the right.

The batcopter was a spiffed up Bell 47. This type of helicopter also appeared in:
a) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Stop walking when you reach a street named for a native tree (in Spanish).
b) Dragnet - Stop walking when you reach a street named for a famous president.
c) MASH - Stop walking when you reach a street named for a town in Italy (Anglicized).
d) The Right Stuff - Stop walking when you reach a street named for a letter of the Alphabet.

True or False: Burt Ward was a black belt in karate in real life?
a) True - Turn right, walk several blocks.
b) False - Turn left, walk several blocks.

Batman’s faithful butler was named:
a) Alan - Find the Monkey Puzzle tree and check carefully in the vegetation at its base.
b) James - Find the fountain that looks like a volcano and check under the surrounding ledge.
c) Alfred - Find the vehicle ridden by Peter Fonda in a famous 60's movie and look inside the tailpipe.
d) Albert - Find the replica of the mission bell, look inside.