another stone mountain letterbox  LbNA # 9105

Placed DateJul 1 2004
Locationstone mountain, GA
Found By Scooters Mom
Last Found Jun 20 2015
Hike Distance?

much thanks goes to mark for adopting this box for me!

stone mountain, originally known as rock mountain, is an area with several diverse ecosystems. it is also an area rich in history and culture. there is evidence that people inhabited this area as long ago as 5,000 years. the creeks lived and laughed on this mountain long before the european settlers. it is the largest exposed piece of granite in the world and home to many rare plants. a few of the places that you can see a piece of georgia is at the locks on the panama canal, the u.s. capitol building, the imperial hotel in tokyo, japan, and the university of havana in cuba.

find your way to stone mountain. pay the $7 fee but ignore all the little tourist traps.....what a shame to do that to a beautiful mountain! park in the west parking lot and take the walk up trail. it is marked in yellow so you can't miss it. keep your eye open on the right for a granite marker with a red arrow on it. this is the cherokee trail. follow this trail, which will be blazed in white. after maneuvering over the rocky sides you will cross a gravel road. keep following the trail soon you will enter the woods. you will know it is woods when you get there. in the woods is a railroad track, cross over it and continue on the cherokee trail. at the T go to the left. continue till the source of the heat then bear to your left. walk along the stone wall, or on top of it if you are a child at heart. you will soon be walking more or less parallel to a stream. cross over the paved road and looking for the white blazes continue to follow them. at the fence (did they put this up to keep me in or to keep mother nature out?) take the path to the left. i don't believe there is anymore blazes on this path. as you follow this path you will round a slight corner, on the right is a large boulder. next to this boulder is a large forked tree, walk around this boulder and climb on top. look at the tree and spy a hole. the box is tucked to the right in it!

on your way take a look for another great box planted by Rubaduc - "sun over stone"